After much thought and heavy persuasion from a few family members I have finally come to the conclusion that my very own blog was definitely needed. I just have so many exciting things to say, right?! It is simply selfish to keep my intricate stories and wildly entertaining thoughts and notions all to myself (and my mass e-mail list).

The name of this blog is dedicated to the one thing I detest most in my current country of residence. I am hoping that by bringing attention to this… uh… interesting habit, people can share in my discomfort. Because when we find people to share and sympathize with us, nothing is ever that bad. Am I right?  Yes.

My trials and conquests, ups and downs, emotions, feelings, and life will now be on display for the whole internet world to discover and read. I am not sure how I feel about this, but then again I love attention (growing up in a big family and constantly seeking it out may have something to do with that!) so it can’t be that bad.

I shall begin with a story, a true story, as all my stories may very well be:

I was walking out of my 25 story apartment building after living in Seoul, South Korea for several months, on my way to Ghost Castle (my local pc bang) when I heard (and then saw) a man hacking up a wad of spit, turn it around in his mouth and then slightly bend over in preparation of letting it fly. As he turned to release the built up phlegm he saw the man he must have been waiting for coming out of the same doors I just exited from. He paused mid spit, straightened and then bowed to his friend, before returning to spit on the street. If this had been my first day in Korea I would have continued staring until the business men  in their fancy suits were well off in the distance. As it was I laughed and thought ‘that’s Korea!” And went off on my merry way.  A friend I later shared the story with stated:  “ah, the epitome of the Korean culture. Stopping mid-spit to bow to your business associate.”

Let the stories begin!

Korean Lesson #1: pc bang= internet cafe (“bang” in Korean means “room”)


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