old friends in new places

Kristin and I happily re-united with 'YJ from Korea!'


Who would have thought that one ‘scared-to-death-to-fly’ Canadian, and one ‘tooooo-enthusiastic-for-her-own-good’ American, would meet one ‘long-haired-cool-dude’ Korean in Durban, South Africa in the year 2006 and not only fall in love with the country… but fall into bromances and friendships that can only be developed when you need a family away from your family in a foreign country. And who would have IMAGINED that the same three very different people would be re-united once again living in a different country, no longer foreign to all three, but only two.   

Last night my friend Kristin (the Canadian who I first met in SA and is now teaching English in Korea) and I met up with our good friend YJ ‘from Korea!’ (as he always introduced himself to people who thought he was from every other Asian country BUT when he lived in South Africa) and we had the MOST AMAZING TIME.  Kristin and I hang out pretty frequently but had sadly lost touch with YJ during our four years of absence since studying abroad. After getting YJ’s e-mail from another friend (thank-you Jordan Welty!) who studied with us in Africa I found out that YJ not only lives in Seoul, but is only about 30 minutes away on the subway… For a huge city, such as Seoul is, this is such a wonderful blessing. Kristin and I were so excited as we met up with YJ and were so surprised to see the long hair look was gone and a sharp business man stood before us… who ends up getting real jobs anyway?  

Bonding over our meat cooking on the grill, beer (cola for me!), and red sauce, it was like being transferred back into time and place as we thought we would see our old Tower residence (dorms where we lived in Durban) once we left the restaurant. YJ was pleased to hear how much well we have adapted to his country and we are excited for many more rendezvous in the future. It is amazing how small this world really is. Get back in touch with someone today and you will be so glad you did… haha, okay that last part sounded like a line trying to get you to buy a hallmark card and I don’t even care! I am that happy.


One thought on “old friends in new places

  1. Whoa! That is crazy miss melody. It sort of brings a whole new spin to the 7 degrees of separation theory. I am glad you are in my degrees. Just think, I am only one person away from some businessman named YJ in South Korea.

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