Meet 한 울

한 울 showing off his Alphabet skills.

한 울 (Han Wool) is a handsome 12 year old (Korean age) with a mischievous glint in his eye. He is my new friend, a child that lives at Namsanwon Childrens’ Home, with whom I now spend every Monday evening teaching English.

Mostly, we spend our time communicating with hand motions and building trust in each other.  Yesterday, I brought  한 울  a prize for kicking my BUTT in Uno the last time we met (which he did again this time). I gave him a choice between cookies and strawberry chews. He chose the candy and shared the entire package with me throughout our session, it was so sweet. I am excited to get to know his boy better over the next couple of years, I can already tell that he will be one of the hardest people to leave when my time in Korea is up!

한 울 trying to teach me how to shuffle, the "Korean way"... I have a lot of practicing to do.

In other news, my mother (bless her soul) is currently working with a group of doctors and nurses in Haiti. She recently e-mailed family and friends to ask for prayer in strength, they are working 16-18 hour days. To keep updated on what is going on their website is: . I am so  proud of my mother and I know she is the happiest when she gets to help and serve in this way. Way to hold down the fort while she is gone Dad, I know Travis and Jordan can be quite the troublemakers, unlike those five daughters you had to raise before them 😉 We caused no trouble whatsoever…


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