I just got an e-mail from my mom about her time in Haiti, I had to share it. Read it and you will see why.

The best parents in the whole wide world. Mine.

Friends and family,

I returned from Haiti late last night. It was an incredible but exhausting experience; one I will never forget. Literally in Haiti the rocks cried out, the earth roared and the world came running. I stayed at Double Harvest Mission which allowed Partners in Health(PIH) to use their facility.This Mission was not damaged by the quake. Double Harvest has 2 operating rooms, a walk-in clinic, birthing room and a few indoor patient beds so their set up was perfect. They rarely have any patients stay over night therefore we housed 25+ patients in garages outside with plywood for flooring.

I traveled with a group from Grand Rapids that included 2 orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, a family medicine doctor and an emergency room physician assistant.We served patients who had already lost a limb in the quake but required further surgeries for infections. Some patients arrived to the clinic who still needed surgery for broken bones that happened in the quake 6 weeks ago.Some had injuries not related to the quake but we served all we could. I will share the highlights of what I saw God do through our team.

One lady,Stephanie,  walked into a clinic with an incomplete fractured in her back We still marvel at the fact she “walked” period. Her house had collapsed during the quake trapping her underneath. Our facility could not repair her back and we were running out of time for the surgery she needed or she would be a paraplegic for the rest of her life. Our lead doctor worked for several days to find a spine facility in Haiti and then the helicopter to transport her. The roads are so bumpy that one pothole would ruin her back for good. A German helicopter arrived and took Stephanie. There were tears of joy when she was lifted into the air.

One day a team from Spain arrived and took measurements for prosthetics, artificial limbs. Beside our patients, there were 2 truck loads of people that came to be fitted. Again, the rocks in Haiti cried out and the world came running.

There was a walk-in clinic everyday we were there and many of these patients just needed an antibiotic for various infections. But we had a few come in with malaria, typhoid fever, seizures, and other illnesses. One young girl was seizing and unconscious. We admitted her so the seizures could be brought under control. What the doctors came to realize was that the girl was experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I prayed for her and know the Lord will bring her through.

When I finished my rounds with the doctors at night, I would then sing songs to the patients and they in turn would sing some of their favorite gospel songs. They didn’t understand the words I sang and vice versa but we all knew the joy of the Lord was filling the plywood floors of the open garages. They couldn’t get up and dance with me but they did in their beds. We would act silly and laugh. Laughter is a very good medicine in any part of the world. In the midst of their sorrow and pain they continue to give glory to God.
We really can’t imagine what many of these people have endured. Yes, our team is exhausted from 16+ hour long days but the reality is it’s just a minor  sacrifice. Anytime there is a mild aftershock, the Haitians scream and run out into any open area they can find and who can blame them. One man shared that he was full of hope even though he had lost a limb and most of his family in the quake. When asked why he was so hopeful he replied because the WORLD has come to Haiti and sees the corruption in our government and things have to change. He is hopeful that soon he will be able to get an education and a good job.

I will have pictures soon and will make them available either on facebook or as an attachment to email. I could not have done this trip without the faithfulness of all of you, praying for me and helping me financially.I hope this all made sense with me in a sleep depravation state. I am richer in my spirit for the journey; they gave as much to me as I did for them.
I would encourage any of you to go to Double Harvest’s website or their facebook and see photos of the work that has been going on.
God Bless,


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