“Bus driver” just another word for “Crazy”

Okay so technically bus driver is TWO words, but it just didn’t work with the title.

Here in Seoul, one of the safest cities for crime in the world, I often put my life at risk… because almost every day I hop on a bus.

I often ponder when the turning point is; when a bus driver goes from a law abiding citizen of Korea, to a crazy “I can break all rules of the road because I drive a BUS” person. Sometimes (okay, this might have happened twice in the last seven months) when I get on the bus to go to work I sit down and enjoy a nice slow-breaking, stop-at-every-red-light-and-crosswalk, drive in the correct lanes, kind of ride. But usually I get on the bus and hold on for dear life. Bus drivers will run any and every light, drive on those yellow-striped-no-driving-on-lines in the road and stop so fast that I am genuinely surprised when I don’t have whiplash.

One time I was on a usual bus route I take and I knew my stop was the one right after a turn at a busy intersection, therefore,¬† I always got out of my seat to push the button and wait by the back door during the turn because normally a bus driver-or any driver- slows down at turns. The bus driver took the turn so fast and with out breaking that as soon as I went to stand my knee slammed on the floor of the bus and as I struggled to get up I almost sat in a poor woman’s lap. I then made it to the ‘stop’ button and as it glowed red the bus driver flew by my stop! My knee is in so much pain and thus all knowledge of the Korean language has left me, I just stood gripping the handle above the door yelling “aahhhh!” and pointing back towards my stop. The confused bus driver (who obviously forgot he was a bus driver and morphed into an adrenaline junkie race car driver instead) finally just pulled over and let me off in the middle of traffic. Safe.

This guy manages to ride the bus while texting and look cool while wearing.. snowflakes? flowers? diamond shape things? on his sweater. Impressive.

I walked to work today in the snow. Guess I brought Michigan’s unpredictable weather pattern over with me since yesterday morning it was 40 degrees and raining. No problem.

I also walked to work this morning with several umbrellas poking me in the face. It’s fluffy snow people! Put away your umbrellas and wear a hat.


One thought on ““Bus driver” just another word for “Crazy”

  1. as a former bus driver…i can attest to the mentality of “bus vs. car -> bus wins”…but i will say that the buses here are definitely more jerky due to most of all the buses being manual drives…

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