Baltimore Bound

It feels surreal knowing that in less than 48 hours I will be hanging out with some of my fantastic American friends in the good ol’ US of A. I will be able to speak English to anyone on the street. I will be able to read and understand every sign, advertisement, commercial, and radio commentary. Weird.

I love weddings, and this Saturday will mark the sixth one I have participated in. I am working on Katherine Heigl’s 27 dresses (which is the REAL reason why I am flying back to the States for less than a week from the other side of the world)… only 21 more to go! My bridesmaids dresses have been much more elegant and prettier than hers were though, thank you dear friends. Cause you know, in my mind her character is a real person and if I make it to 27 I will end up with James Marsden. My main goal in life.

My friends who are tying the knot this Saturday, Jason and Michelle.

On another note I would like to mention that I am in love with paying a mer seven dollars for 24 rolls of toilet paper and having it last me seven months, just used my last roll a couple days ago.  Awesome. I am also loving that I have a basically full bottle of dish soap (which will last me years, realizing how often I actually eat at home and therefore wash my dishes… which is not often) and I still have a couple loads of laundry left in my detergent.  It’s like I have a Mary Poppins apartment and my cleaning supplies just keep giving. Or it could be that this is my first time living on my own, but I like the Mary Poppins idea much better.

Wish my luck as I fly halfway around the world. Pray that I stay healthy and that my plane doesn’t crash (just kidding Mom, I am sure it won’t…)


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