“Where I am from…”

Sitting with my friends in an apartment in the USA I found myself using the phrase “where I am from” instead of  “in Korea”… hello? What is wrong with me that I all of the sudden think I really am Korean? I mean, I don’t WANT to be Korean. Sadness.

*friends reunited*

During my trip back to the States I realized how much I love being at peace with my own thoughts. I was standing in line to get on plane number 3 (yippee) and there was this girl yapping away in front of me. I thought ‘why am I getting so annoyed?’ oh yeah, because I am not used to understanding any of the conversations going on around me.

I also noticed myself having extra long, particular pointless conversations with all of the cashiers at whatever store I was in.

“Did you find everything you needed today?” sales clerk

“Oh absolutely, can you believe the weather outside? It’s so nice.” me

“uh… haven’t been outside today.”

“Well you should go out on your next break, it’s really beautiful.” me


“Yeah, really…go enjoy the sunshine, well okay I am going to go join up with my friends who are waiting outside the store for me. You have a great day, goodbye!” me, waving and smiling to confused cashier.

Overall my trip was fantastic. The weather was amazing (75 degrees and sunny the WHOLE TIME) and the wedding was beautiful. It felt like I had just left America the day before, no time seemed to have past, but when the trip was over it came all too soon.

My parents and Jordan took a roadtrip to see me!

Upon leaving I stuffed my suitcase with as much American goodness as I could (multiple bags of Doritos, gum, cereal, and all the mixin’s to make puppy chow) and landed in Seoul in the wettest snow storm ever. This was my  homecoming, dragging my large overweight suitcase through the slush, weighed down by my backpack and overflowing purse while struggling to open my to small, wimpy umbrella…perfect.

The bridesmaids dresses, all custom made and flown over with moi from Korea!

the beautiful couple by the harbor in Annapolis


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