I  became acquainted with an amazing man yesterday. I can see him right now in my mind. Tall, dark, confident, and understanding of the true meaning of God’s forgiveness, faith, and love. I have actually met this man before, I just forgot about him. Which is incredulous to me. His name is Stephen, and you can find him in Acts (a book of the Bible) Chapter 7 giving a speech that will leave you speechless.  (Haha, didn’t think I was going to turn all religious on you didya?!)

While Stephen is stoned to death he asks God to forgive the very people killing him, to “not hold this against them”. If I lived in a country where I was openly and physically persecuted for my faith, could I stand there and ask God forgive, while they are doing the very act? Maybe if I survived and had years to heal… maybe then, but to stare at people who are glaring at you in hatred, and still love them? This is a powerful faith, I want to be like Stephen.


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