happy easter

Considering the fact that Korea has a rather large percentage of Christians that make up their population, AND their love for festivals, I was indeed surprised when Easter just happened to sneak up on me. How can you NOT make a big deal of Jesus raising from the dead? Meh, it was just something he HAD to do I guess. YEAH, He DID. Taking on the weight of the world and being flogged just enough so you could still feel your body being nailed to wood and your side being speared and the weight of your body allowing gravity to pull your joints apart? Pshh, happens every day right? Uh-huh, didn’t think so.

I remember today, and I praise God for his sacrifice, to allow his Son to feel the pain of the sins we make. I pray that I will continue to live my life the best way I know how, loving the world as God loves me.

I did get to decorate an egg during my cell group (bible study like group that I go to after the Korean church service I attend at Young Joon) today, it was fun… we made a family.

the American wife with her Korean husband and their baby... I made the man 🙂


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