memoirs of a geisha? wait…

Writing a book is as simple as typing words on a screen to form a story for some, and as daunting as climbing Mt. Everest for others. I would be the others. I have always, always wanted to put enough words together to form a solid rectangular object to put on my bookshelf, with my very own name as its author. I have been trying since I was ten years old.

I have finally decided that this time not only will I try, I will succeed. With the encouragement from my friends and family who read my mass e-mails  I am turning my year here into a memoir, because let’s face it… the experience is pretty book worthy.

So… what do you think? What should I call it? Goodness me, this is pretty exciting.


4 thoughts on “memoirs of a geisha? wait…

  1. How about “Core-E, an account of my year in Korea”

    Read the first 2 words of that slowly and then somehow make the word “Core-E” a part of your story.

    I love puns.

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