brushing your teeth, it’s weird.

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror in your bathroom, staring at your hand make the motions as it thoroughly brushed your teeth, while the foam inside your mouth grows? I don’t normally, I am a distracted teeth brusher and I like to multitask (or attempt to multitask, many times the brush stays limp in my mouth and I start picking up clothes and trash off the floor, realize I am drooling and run back to the bathroom) while I am doing it. The other day though, I was staring at myself in the mirror and I just thought, brushing your teeth is so weird. So completely necessary, but so…so weird.

I don’t understand why it hasn’t warmed up in Korea yet. It’s SPRING PEOPLE. Where are the Cherry Blossoms? Where are the light jackets and long t-shirts?  I am not happy with this situation, not one bit. Especially as I am hearing the awesome weather my home state, Michigan (represent), is having such lovely weather.

This month has turned into the month of happy children. I was at Costco the other day when this little boy battled the crowds to come up to me and say “hello!” So proud that he could say hi to me in my language. It was so adorable I wanted to hug him, but as his mother was shooing him back to her and giving me wary eyes I thought that might not be the best course of action. A week or two later I was walking to church (late, therefore rushing along) and this girl released her grip from her fathers hand to backtrack and say “Hi! What’s your name?” If I hadn’t already been booking it I would have stopped and had Korea’s-normal-introduction-when-you-meet-a-Korean-conversation (Hi, how are you? I am fine, and you?) as it was I had the momentum going and I just yelled over my shoulder as I waved “Mel-o-dy!!!!”

Then my friend Kathleen calls me the other day to tell me this little boy came right up to her, waved, and said “hi!” Where are these kids coming from? I LOVE IT. The older generation are normally mean to us, the more my age ones usually just stare, sometimes smiling, sometimes brave enough to speak, and the younger kids are usually so shy they just hide in their mom’s skirts. Are we actually making a difference here? Nah…. probably just the ‘almost’ spring weather.

I would like to say that I am at the point now where if people don’t stare at me I find myself thinking, psshhh why AREN’T they looking at me?

Now you go brush your teeth, and think about what I said.


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