bad hair day?

When I first arrive in Korea I wanted to blend in as much as possible. I had stages or phases of becoming Korean. My first step was the clothes, I had to dress more Korean, a little hard for me because their style here is phenomenal. The second phases was my hair, I got it magic straightened in a Salon, which means it would stay straight for about seven or eight months. And the third phase was my glasses, I changed over to the much more common and popular big frames they wear here! Well, I still try and dress pretty Korean and I still have the glasses, but I am now at the point where I don’t want to blend in anymore, I want to STICK OUT.

Thus, my magic straight left my hair at the perfect time. That really was what confused a lot of Koreans, I had them coming up and asking for directions around the subway and it wasn’t until I looked them in the eye that they realized I was a foreigner. At that point they put up their  hands, turned and ran away (this actually happened more than once… but to be fair I had bangs as well and the big glasses hid my eyes well).

I have naturally kind of wavy/almost curly/in the summer I look a hot frizzy mess kind of hair. I started to gel it this week and I wore it to school like that, I thought I looked pretty good until….

“Teacher! Your hair…..”



Gee, thanks…. To be fair they aren’t used to people changing their hair as often here as we do in the States, and kids don’t like change. Oh well, I think it looks good.

Cherry Blossom Festival!


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