Fat and Skinny

Share and share alike I say. But that could be because I am stealing a conversation topic from my sister’s blog and commenting on this news article she shared. I even want to use the same wording, copying really is the best form of flattery though. Just saying.


This article reminded me of the school lunches served here in Korea. They are all the same. The are always Korean food. They always have rice. They always have kimchi. Everyone (teachers included) eats the school lunch.  I tried for two months and started to hate my life because I could only eat rice and sometimes the soup, if it wasn’t spicy.

All males are required to go to the military. I haven’t seen an overweight Korean male in his 20s my eighth months of living here. Koreans may spit in the street, shove you in the subway, and stare… but they know how to stay skinny (must be the kimchi and the rice).

I ate a salad for lunch every day this week and I cut the elixir of life, coca-cola, out of my diet. It’s not about being stick thin. It is about being healthy. And I drank way too much coke.


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