the proof is in the pudding

It’s no wonder I am starting to think of Korea as home:

I miss rice if I go a couple of days without it.

I know how to marinate bulgogi.

I know what bulgogi is.

I started to walk to work… in heels.

I think it’s normal to stand shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, leg to leg, with a perfect stranger.

I just might cry if I ever meet a K-Pop star, or any Korean star for that matter.

I bumped into someone, well almost shouldered them to the ground, during a subway transfer the other week… AND I DIDN’T SAY SORRY. WHY???? (I still feel bad about it.)

I am learning Tae Kwon Do. Enough said.

I think it’s weird when I hear people I don’t know on the subway speak in English. Like, really weird.

I know how to read Hangul.

I know what Hangul is.

I think it’s normal to see a guy holding his girlfriend’s purse.

I think it’s normal to see a straight man getting his nails done, wearing leggings, scarfs, and acting as feminine as his girlfriend.

I have started using chopsticks at home, even though I have forks available.

I think USD looks more like monopoly money now and won looks like the real deal.

Korea hasn’t got me all the way… yet.

I stopped walking to school in heels.

I will never have a place for kimchi in my heart.

I miss sandwiches.

Spitting on the street, STOP IT. (I saw a man spit in a store today. Delightful.)

I always say excuse me in the subway, except that ONE TIME.

I like to give real compliments, not ‘uncompliments’ or little jabs disguised as compliments.

Korean commercials? Hate them, good thing I don’t watch t.v.

I never thought I would say this, but I miss driving my car. Especially on the open road.

I feel like men and woman should be distinguishable in a relationship. Maybe that’s just me.

Given the choice between a squatter and a sitter in a public restroom, I go for the sitter, every time.

In no way does this picture relate to this post. I just like it.


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