how often do you cry?

I am not talking about tearing up during a really sad movie, or getting so angry your eyes start watering (I am afraid my anger is usually directly connected to my tear ducks). I am talking about one of those deep, moving, heart wrenching cries (like how Dane Cook describes in this clip) that happens when you need to release emotion. Life starts to build up, someone said something mean, you have to say good-bye… these type of sob moments are usually more related to women, since we live life by our emotions. But men, you cry too, and you know it.

If I am lucky I get one of these cry sessions about every six months, and I wish with all my heart it was more often. I know women who get to cry like this once a week.What is the key to unlocking my emotions? I think I may have a clue, but I am not ready to share it with the world yet.

For a happy cry check out this story about Christian the Lion, I teared up the first five (or ten) times I watched this.

Elephants Cry Too


2 thoughts on “how often do you cry?

  1. Melody, I can think of at least of three times I have been there for your deep, moving, heart-wrenching cries in the last two years. I feel very blessed to be a part of that…3 out of 4 in two years – I must bring out the emotion in you.

    As for me, I come from a family of criers. I was just crying happy tears at church Sunday, sad tears in the garage Monday, and lonely tears yesterday. Now, this could be partly (or mainly) from me switching from 2 vicodin down to 1 (hip replacement friend…not drug friend (not like I am thinking of a specific friend of yours on drugs (I don’t think you have one Melody)) (do you like all of my parenthesis like a math problem?)). Anyway, all those other times I have listed are just tearing up cries. I bet I have a deep, moving, heart-wrenching cry at least once a month.

    I have really missed you lately; not like I don’t miss you all the time. I miss our couch talks. I miss talking about God with you. Alright, I better go back to bed. Also, I think you should Skype me about the reason you can’t cry because I bet you will have a good cry then. I love you friend.

    PS – I know you are “supposed” to write deep blog comments, but extremely personal and lovey dovey is more my style. And, I typed this whole thing on my iTouch when I am supposed to be sleeping – don’t tell Joe.

    PPS – I love how this comment is like us trying to stop our conversations; we just change the subject and keep talking. Thinking about those times you cried is actually making me cry right now. I am still on drugs.

  2. I feel like this is a conversation between you both and I really want to be a part of it! Wwwwhhhhheeeeeeen will we all get to hang out together again?!?!!! I miss you girls!

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