running away? yes.

South Korea may get some things wrong. But there are a lot of things that this country has dialed in. For example, this Wednesday is Children’s Day, a day Koreans have set aside to celebrate… well, Children. It is a National Holiday in Korea. Nice. Children get presents. Parents get the day off work. Win-win.

My birthday is coming up and my sister sent me a card that said, “You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.” Which leads me to pointing out that the people who benefit the most from Children’s Day are not the children, or the parents, but me. And people like me (not people like me, but people who are like me, though people like too, but that is beside the point). I get a day free of responsibility and I don’t have to buy a present for my child, since I am child-free. I love staying immature.

My school took into consideration the fact that Children’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year and gave us Thursday and Friday off as well. TRIPLE SCORE. I have decided to take this five-day vacation and visit Hong Kong (happy early birthday to ME) with some girlfriends. The trip happened so fast I haven’t even packed yet and I am leaving tomorrow right after school. Oops.

Hong Kong here I come, I hear there’s lots of shopping to be done there. Great, because no one shops in Korea. Breath of fresh air.

these lights are prettyyyyyyyy.

Picture courtesy of this website, thanks friends.


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