Turns out when I was fated to title my last post “running away” it actually became REAL LIFE. What kind of school gives you a holiday and then assigns a mandatory training day on the Friday of said holiday? Oh, that would be my school. Apparently, I don’t have permission to leave the country when I am given days off. Apparently, Korean teachers aren’t even allowed to have second jobs. Apparently, I could get fired for not showing up to this “training” (it is really a cultural field trip full of nothingness to try to show that foreign English teachers can ‘learn about Korean culture and teach too!’ but instead of getting this experience actually working in the schools the district spends a bunch of money on pointless trips that I have never complained about before because it gave me a day away from school, but now I am upset).

It comes down to the fact that my VP (vice principal, helloooo) is not giving me permission to go to Hong Kong, and we can’t bypass her and ask the principal (who would definitely give me permission cause I am cool and full of awesomeness) because, you know, Korea has this hierarchy thing that is more important than kimchi to them (okay maybe tied with kimchi).

I am a good person too. And now I have my c0-teacher and head teacher (of the English department who is the first go-to in the hierarchy) lying on my behalf. “Oh we didn’t know she was going to Hong Kong, she had to leave early on Tuesday because she was sick.”…”Oh, she told us she was going to the training on Friday,  but we can’t get a hold of her. Maybe she is still sick?”

Looks like I may be coming back to the U.S.A. sooner than I thought if I get fired. Can I sleep in the scrap-booking room mom?


One thought on “oops.

  1. So does the VP have the power to fire you or can the principal excuse you and just give you a warning or something

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