I taught one class today.

You know when you go on a trip and come home and your mailbox is full? You have an overflowing inbox in your Gmail account? Your apartment is nice and clean from not living in it for a week? I love these things. I got home late last night. Mailbox, empty. Email, three new messages. Fresh apartment! Nope, left it dirty.

On the bright side the sun is shining today and I haven’t heard news of me getting fired for leaving the country without permission. This is good.

I called my mother to wish her Happy Mother’s Day. I am a good daughter. Wish I could have been a GREAT daughter and said that something was in the mail, oops.

Hong Kong was excellent, more on that later. Busan was lovely as well (a beach city way south of Seoul), excellent weather for a very traditional Korean wedding. Congrats Chris.

After the couple was pronounced husband and wife Chris had to carry her on his back. They threw rice. I laughed. But so did everyone else, out of joy (like me...). Great wedding.

I taught one class today. The kids were crazy after their mini-holiday. Time to go write a mass email and eat my birthday cake from my co-teacher . But no worries, my actual birthday isn’t until the 17th. Kyung Yoon woke up after two hours of sleep a little out of it and got confused on the way to school thinking it was my birthday… which I don’t mind at all, early birthday cake? YES.

What's left of my early birthday cake. Dinner, dessert, and breakfast tomorrow? YES.


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