For those of you who may be wondering why I have time to write a post on my birthday there is NO NEED to think of me as a loser. Because I am far, far from it. I happen to do my lesson planning very quickly, and yet I am given all afternoon, every afternoon to get it done. HOURS of free time! (Don’t tell my work.)

Since it is my birthday I decided to actually get ready before going to work today, instead of throwing on my pretend dress up adult clothes (the usual button up shirt and black pants) I put on something trendy and even accessorized (scarf, earrings, a ring, the whole shebang). The biggest change was my face; glasses off, contacts in, and a dash of makeup (that I have never worn to school).

I walk into my first class and all of the students gasp.    “Who are you?”

They think they are so funny. Well, actually they are, besides the point. One girl came into my office to put something on another teachers desk and did a double take… “Melody Teacher?” She asked, with genuine curiosity, she honestly wasn’t sure.

This is what I love about going to school all natural, it doesn’t take much to impress them when I put in a little effort. Not that I am not beautiful without makeup (I love myself, really), but shocking people is so much fun.

I also had twelve students from one of my sixth grade classes barge into the office singing “Happy Birthday!” in English and Korean while shoving a bazillion cards into my hands.

Love it, I am loving this.


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