I don’t want to start any rumors but…

Korea, you are just like all the boyfriends I have ever dated (all two of them), you get me to fall in love with you. And then you break my heart. And then you may possible get me to fall in love with you again, with the same ending reaction.

Why Korea, why? Subways are kept super clean, yet old men are constantly spitting (the street, the mall, it doesn’t matter) I know I rant and rave about this ALL THE TIME (hence, the name of my blog) BUT REALLY. Is it too much to ask to NOT do that? I just don’t think it is.

Every time I find a delicious meal that I can enjoy because it is not spicy, the restaurant closes or they stop carrying that dish (this has legitimately happened to me about three times now). I more often get a shove or hiss or ‘shhh!” or glare than the kindness of a stranger and therefore when someone says a simple ‘excuse me’ i almost cry from joy. The other day I was traveling from church number 1 to church number 2 (yes, I love Jesus that much, one is an English service and one is in Korean- I’d like to say I understand every word. LIE. I have a translator) and I had the WORST headache, there were no seats on the subway causing me to lean against a metal bar they have every so often between seats. A man saw that I was having a rough time of it and five minutes into my journey he insisted I take his seat. This happened weeks ago and I am still thinking about it. What a nice man.

I hear nonstop praises for the fall and spring seasons in this land and then experience the coldest winter in a hundred years followed by the shortest spring. Why Korea, why????

And one last thing… Men run amuck in this city. Women are trained from birth to do chores and be a good wife. boys don’t handle any household work and are told to study to get a good job so they can have a nice wife who will sit at home and make them meals. Join the 21st century where men and women are equals. Think about it.

Now it’s time for pictures, I LOVE PICTURES!

I don't want to start any rumors... but did Barack Obama visit South Korea about ten years ago?

The kid on the left probably raised his hand with full intentions to answer a question, kids get sidetracked easily? No....

The kids love it when I take over the second half of class, GAME TIME.

Let's throw in a black and white photo just for fun. Love my kiddies!

I am so funny, that's why they always laugh at me... right?

At the salon, seconds away from getting all my hair chopped off. My before shot.

The next day, eating shabu shabu for the first time and sporting my new look!

such a good konglish find Amanda had to try it on... oh, Korea...

I thought this long winded shirt would turn out to be something sweet, pretty shocked by the ending. BUT REALLY? Did you ever have the slightest intention to stay??? ANSWER ME.

Waiting to use the toilet. This isn't awkward at all.

What was originally a feeling of disgust has turned into one of my favorite things about Korean couples. Matchy-match.

That’s all for now. Peace out, girl scout.


3 thoughts on “I don’t want to start any rumors but…

  1. Melody, I love you and I LOVE your new hair (it looks amazing!!! so chic) and I love your blog/emails and I miss you!!!!!

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