i passed. word.

I did it. I finally did it. Okay, so it hasn’t been THAT long since I started taekwondo, but I felt like I was a white belt FOREVER. Last Friday I had my first test and earned my yellow belt (next step orange, then green, purple, blue, brown, red, black- it varies depending on what school you are at, but I am pretty sure that is the order of mine). The greatest thing about it is that I took my test with Kathleen, and we shall be taking all of our belt tests together. I can’t wait to ‘spar’ (aka FIGHT) her. Good times.

Looking nice and frumpy in my uniform, but what does it matter because that board has been broken in TWO. Don't mess with me.

the belt testers and their masters, way to be different and not hold up your certificate kathleen

one step closer to that all powerful black belt

Before I even became an official yellow belt Master Kang asked if I would be a judge at the tournament they were having with the little kiddies. I said I would love to as long as I didn’t have to wear my uniform, I would be so embarrassed standing there with my yellow belt while little nine-year-old red belts were sparring and kicking boards and ultimately being a trillion times better than me. ย The tournament was the day after my yellow belt test and it was the highlight of my weekend. There was one little boy who was about two inches tall with the teeniest uniform and I wanted to scoop him up and pinch his cheeks. Being the professional that I am of course I didn’t do this.

the two boys without uniforms obviously got disqualified. JUST KIDDING. they still got second and third in their division. the more serious kid in his tight uniform definitely took home first.

this girl could probably hurt me

sparring, I can do this too

Besides getting my taekwondo fill in this weekend I also forced three friends to go biking with me on Saturday. It has become a favorite activity of mine since the weather started warming up and I literally have to find different people to go with me every Saturday. Every time I take a new person though they LOVE IT and want to do it again. So there. This past Saturday morning I brought Jennifer, Saet, and Yohan to the Han River where we enjoyed anhour of bike rental fun (for less than 3 USD, awesome). The best part was getting Yohan (also known as John, I like to switch between the English and Korean version of his name, makes life more interesting) to try the traditional Korean style of swinging. Apparently this is an actual sport in Korea (swinging standing up) but it is only for the ladies, because frankly, the men aren’t very good at it. Yohan proved this to be absolutely true.


Jennifer is a pro, obviously.

Saet's artistic picture. Love it.

It's okay Yohan, we don't care if you can't swing, only because you have a British accent though... but really, that is the ONLY reason. (Building 63 in the background)

another champion on the swing

I have totally done this before, freaking love these swings.

jennifer trying to show john how it is done. he ended up getting a push from saet. cheater.

I, unfortunately, forgot my heels at home.

Rain was forecast the whole week for Saturday (I was so excited to bike after being devastatingly sick all week that I checked the hour by hour weather every morning and night, hoping it would change, or just be lying to me) and as you can tell by the pictures it turned out to be a GORGEOUS DAY. I got burnt on my forearms. Fantastic.

I also had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite musicals this weekend, the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee performed by the Seoul Players in Itaewon. They gave a much better performance than I expected, which was a delight, some of them can REALLY sing.


5 thoughts on “i passed. word.

  1. Ha! I love the second picture on this blog because you’re in KOREA and you are still the SHORTEST ONE!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Okay, there’s a lot of men, and maybe non-Korean women in the picture, but still….) ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you!!!

  2. I hope this doesn’t sound weirdly inappropriate but Asian children are like the cutest kids ever. I don’t know what it is about them, but the two little ones in your pic w/o uniforms would have gotten a phat gold star just for being present. I am seriously jealous that you get to spend your days hangin out with them. I’d have to resist the urge to snatch one away and take them home with me. Swear I’m not a psycho kidnapper…

    • I KNOW! my friends and I went to see a test run of a new show they want to promote for foreigners in Korea and while there we saw a poster for GREASE in Korea, it was so weird to see a dark haired Sandy. SO WEIRD. and yet I love it!

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