I have decided to become a master of the nunchucks.

It is time for a long overdue “I actually do like Korea!” post. I know I hate on certain (okay a lot of certain) things about this country and the culture, but I really do enjoy living here. I love the unity that Koreans have (they refer to everything as ‘our’ when they are speaking, more on that later) and the long history and the colorful palaces (including the ceremony ‘Changing of the Guard’ that happens every day, multiple times a day, in front of the palaces, a MUST SEE If you ever come to Korea). I love my students (most of them) and tutoring Han Wool, my little orphan child (who just had a birthday! Happy Birthday Han Wool!).

And, most recently, I have become obsessed with taekwondo, 태권도, a Korean martial art and the national sport of Korea.

태 (tae) means to strike or break with foot

권 (kwon) means to strike or break with fist

도 (do) means ‘way’, ‘method’, or ‘art’.

so taekwondo is the art of striking with your foot and fist.

Yesterday during class I noticed all of the nunchucks (actual name is nunchaku or something of the sort) in the corner. When you start weaponry in taekwondo the first thing you learn to handle are the nunchucks. And boy did I want to learn.  Thus my new goal was declared last night, I want to become a master of the nunchucks. It is much, much harder than it looks.

picture courtesy of blackdynamitemovie.com


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