Mr. Busan

My back is burnt, but I am so so so so so happy. Even with the small glitch made by Korea (yes, I think I will blame the whole country) on the way home from Busan when our seats on the train (all eight of them) were filled with ahjussis and adjumas. Turns out they had tickets for the same seats that we did, and our payment got randomly canceled (only we made it down to Busan with the same type of tickets bought by the same credit card, why would we strand ourselves there, is that proper use of strand? who knows, but I know why we would WANT to be stranded there, WHY DON’T I LIVE IN BUSAN?) so then we had to leave the train and get new tickets, only half of the eight made it off the train before the doors started closing and little me tried with all my might to keep the door from closing while a man who worked on the train watched me (I was screaming to help my strength, or grunting, or whatever other sound that would be horribly embarrassing for a person to make while they are trying to break a door) and Kathleen and Charlie and Kate laughed at me, and Amber and Eric and Tami and Erica had mad/confused/lost/really mad/ ‘what do we do now?’ looks on their faces on the platform and  I thought “I don’t want to stand for three hours on the way back to Seoul” because we had no seats you see. Which is why I had pulled so hard on the door but am really glad my arm or leg didn’t get stuck because that would have been really bad.

Luckily there are a few stops before you head the multiple hours back to Seoul,  we got off at the first stop after Busan while the other half of our group got us all tickets for the next train, only we couldn’t sit by each other now and I had to sit by a little boy who didn’t even smile at me and slept the whole time and I just wanted to say “anyang!” but I think he was scared of me because I hadn’t showered and I saltwater/sandy hair and my face was red.

For those who need visuals here is a map:

Note how close I live to North Korea, no big deal. Busan is three hours away by KTX, the bullet train. It goes very fast.

My friends and I had an amazing weekend full of love motels with whirlpool bathtubs and showers you can see through, dancing (LOTS of dancing), delicious sandwiches (hard to find in Korea), volleyball (Tami was in HEAVEN),  jet-skis (oh hello, I got a ride on a jet-ski and Korean Man let me drive it, good thing there was a language barrier when I screamed, “I have never driven a jet-ski before!” okay I didn’t scream it, only in my head), the tannest-Korean-men-in-the-world (seriously, I thought they were Africans at first, and they were not) wearing thong bathing suits (some covered up a little more and wore speedos), I am sorry, wearing WHITE thong bathing suits (one wore a leopard print maybe? I didn’t get close enough to look, except I did get close enough and averted my eyes, I am scared of penises and I can’t believe I just typed that word, sorry mom), playing soccer with said tannest-korean-men-in-the-world (okay I didn’t play any of the sports mentioned thus far but I took really good pictures of my friends playing them), and watching the first Korean match (they played Greece) of the World Cup ON THE BEACH. Made it even better when Korea WON!  Mr. White Thong became Mr. Busan by the end of the weekend and gave jet-ski rides to Amber and Erica who almost died. I was much smarter and got my ride by a more responsible looking stranger.

Was that paragraph confusing? I apologize for my overuse of parenthesis, I have a lot of thoughts at the same time.

Playing soccer with Mr.Busan and his leopard printed friend. Hey, Andy, Erica, Amber, Kyle, you guys look a TAD over dressed.

“Remember when we were scared to look at Mr. Busan and now we are riding on the back of his jet-ski and giving him hugs?”

I was still scared to look at Mr. Busan, I mean he was wearing a WHITE THONG BATHING SUIT. I never looked directly at the front, just the back, where his butt didn’t exist, went straight from legs to hips.  It’s the KBD, Korean Butt Disease (heard that first on America’s Best Dance Crew, DID NOT make it up!) and it’s why Korean woman even wear their heels on the beach. I AM NOT JOKING.

On the beach, with a bunch of crazy Koreans watching Korea beat Greece in their first game of World Cup 2010. Once in a lifetime experience.

What a weekend, all to celebrate Kathleen Lank’s 23rd birthday. She is loved all over the world. So loved in fact that Camara Miller (Camara’s Blog) drew her this AMAZING picture to represent her Seoul Family, I am wearing my taekwondo uniform, so appropriate.

My Seoul Family: me in my tkd uniform showing off THE yellow belt, Paul and Tami in their ugly sweaters from our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Eric and Sam hitting up the Noreabang, Melissa rooting for Canada during the Olympics, Amber behind a penis in Penis Park (an actual place in Seoul and the third time I have said penis, crap fourth, during this blog post, what is wrong with me?) and of course Kathleen, wearing her cookie monster shirt during a massive pillow fight that was held at City Hall in Seoul. The things we do in Korea amaze me.


One thought on “Mr. Busan

  1. Melody,
    This sounds like so much fun! (well, the beach and jet-skis, not the ticket mix-up) I am so happy for you! I just wanted to say that I think you’re great, and wonderful, and I miss you so much! I went to Travis’ open house and I can’t tell you how many times I thought/said, “I miss Melody. I wish she was here.”
    I love you!

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