i love this city

I was on a bus yesterday heading from Gwanghwamun to have dinner with friends in Sinsa. I am not particularly fond of buses so I tend to opt for the subway if given the choice, that is, unless the commute is a heck of a lot shorter by bus.  In this case it was and I realized something I miss out of when I travel by subway… the city.

With the windows down and a slight breeze shuffling my newly chopped hair I sat on the bus and gazed out at a beautiful view, this was a route I had never taken before and the only thing I can remember thinking was: “I love this city.” I passed by lit up buildings and zoomed over streams and rivers, the roads wind like artwork (confusing to navigate but fantastic to look at), the flowers (bringing a little nature to the city, flowers everywhere) bloom brilliant colors, and the water shines inviting you to take a plunge and escape the humidity in the air.

I grew up in Middleville (yes, actual name) Michigan, a one-stop-light farmer town. I am definitely not in Kansas anymore (okay never was since I just said Michigan, you know what I mean) and though I am incredibly proud of my roots and I really miss grass, I really enjoy this city.

My favorite part of commuting in Seoul, whether it be by bus, taxi, or subway is crossing over the Han River. My friend Christina gives an amazing description (with pictures!) check it out.

And here are a few pics of my own, not many because I haven’t actually gone around just taking pictures of the city because I love people to be in my pics but now that I am realizing my love for this city I think I will be taking a whole lot more.

my first week in seoul, so many lights...

the view from my apartment, taken through the window which is why it's a little grey, wait nope that's the smog... still love it.

bike riding along the han river, this bridge lights up at night.

chyeonggycheon stream during the lantern festival


i love this city


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