freaking out, I am freaking out.

I was just informed by a future co-worker that he will see me in 35 days (as in meet me because he is coming from the States to teach at the school where my new job is),  WHAT? I counted the days, holy cow, I start my new teachers orientation at APIS (Asia Pacific International School) in THIRTY-FIVE DAYS. This means that I teach my last English class (during English Camp, woot-woot!) in 32 days. This means that my very first day of school, teaching second graders, starts in 49 days. Apparently, I just discovered my bold button.


Of course I can easily answer that question and you could easily read about it (at least the second half) right here, on this blog. But really, time is such a crazy thing, and Korea has definitely kept me busy.

This past weekend was no different. Since Korea and the USA both made it to the second round in the World Cup my Saturday night was intense with nothing but thoughts of soccer. I don’t even remember Friday night it was so not important (okay thats untrue I had to meet up with some girls who are leaving Seoul forever so I must have just blocked the sadness from my brain). I decided that since I already had my fill of the watching the game with the entire Seoul population in the city I would invite some girlfriends over to watch the Korea vs Uruguay game at my pad. We started outside by the local convenience store (all the stores/restaurants surrounding my apartment building have huge t.v. set up for the people eating outside) and moved inside within twenty minutes when it started to rain, and I mean rain-rain, not light drops you catch in your hand and tickle your cheek. This means that the millions of Koreans hanging outside watching the game in their respective cities were dancing in the rain, and I am sure they loved it, they had so much adrenaline (and beer) coursing through their bodies.

Teaching Jennifer how to play Apples to Apples, in the downpour.

I was in my cool, dry apartment with five of my wonderful girlfriends, and I loved it. When Korea made their one goal I swear we made more noise than a thousand Koreans put together, I am surprised my apartment is still standing.

We still love you Korea. Fighting!

But it was not meant to be for Korea or the USA (they played at 3:30 am and I am sad to say the pride for my country comes after a good nights sleep, but I watched the highlights of the game first thing in the morning) ; I tell you what, there were many sad  Korean-American faces on Sunday, as they probably felt like they lost twice. I mean they did lose twice.

Another set of friends embraced the rain and watch the game at City Hall. These girls are nuts and I love them. Also, the devil horns under the poncho Bri? AWESOME.


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