Orange Belt. Fist Pump.

I feel like I can conquer the world now.

Did you know that people who surround themselves with the color orange are happier? The color makes you happy, or so that is what I have heard. Definitely made ME happy.

Also, I love how all of my pictures with my new color belt have to be taken after a testing session, or this one, which is after a test for the belt and then a FULL CLASS. I didn’t just shower, that is sweat making my hair totally soaked. Oh well, makes me look more BA right? Only green, purple, blue, brown, and then red before I get that mighty black belt. Seriously? One day I am going to say “I have my black belt in taekwondo.” Never saw THAT one coming before I moved to Korea!

Rocking the 'victory' (that is what is means to Asians, not peace) sign. A must.


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