Happy 4th of July, Korean Style!

Update: This post gets the most hits from people searching for “korean animal onesies” “animal onesies” “korean onesies”, well you get the point, if you are one of those people, click on this link: ONESIES FOR SALE! and you will find what you seek. SIDENOTE: the easiest way to pay is by having a korean friend order on his/her credit card, plus the site is in Korean…
when DON’T you need to have animal onesie karaoke parties? that’s the real question. I am the cow. typical, I know.

This picture may be confusing for some of you… I mean… what normal adults, all in their twenty-somethings, get together and throw on animal onesies? The answer is that none of us actually are normal adults. When you decide to come teach in Korea, the land of ‘opposite culture to western culture’, you throw normal out the window and embrace the abstract. This is Korea.

ALSO, I would like to say: HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!

I know that technically the 4th of July, for me, is over. But the nice thing about living in the future is that I can keep celebrating the next day because it is still happening in my homeland, yippee! I hope everyone is breaking out the grills to cook some burgers, lighting up  sparklers,  jumping into the pool, and watching fireworks… maybe not in that order.

I am so lucky the my name is easy to spell backwards (just lots of loops) otherwise I would have been screwed!

I have never actually done this, as in, wrote my name with a sparkler in time to take a picture of the lighted trail. THIS IS AWESOME.

I headed to the the Han River to celebrate my 4th, it was all lit up (not for the 4th but whatever), absolutely amazing

celebrating the 4th of July with Jennifer, Natalie*, Sujin* and Jean (*throw in a canadian and korean and THEN you have yourself a party).


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July, Korean Style!

  1. If I were to have had any doubt of your endless talents I have none now:) Cool name!! We vegged out with Bryan and Katie for the 4th. Dad and I had just gotten back from a week of us time so Bryan wanted to work on his car and us girls just sat and talked:) Love you!! Mama K

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