I had dinner with a friend tonight, and I decided to do something crazy. I finally decided to treat my skin nice and wash it every once in a while, so I bought a face washing kit thing. It’s Korean, and advertised by my favorite Korean actress Koo Hye Sun (who plays a character named Jan Di on the first Korean drama I ever watched ‘Boys Before Flowers’) so I just had to get it. As I was reading the English portion of the face wash stuff in the store I laughed out loud:

“ADefying is a brand name for caring of skin trouble generated by excessive sebum secretion and generation of horny substance due to internal and external blablabla…”

HAHAHA, maybe I don’t want to use this face stuff after all…er….

But I did buy it, and instead of leaving the story with my box of face wash I got a whole lot more than what I bargained for. That sounds bad, I got more than I expected? That might be a better word… One of the things I will miss the most when I leave Korea is ‘service’. I will probably go back home to the States, buy some lotion and when it is handed to me look in the bag saying: “but where is my service?” and the check out person (almost said check out lady which would be totally sexist so I didn’t, phew) will say: “I have no idea what you are talking about, but actually you owe 2 dollars more because we just added a new tax five minutes ago.” and then I will say: “but I want my free stuff!” and then I will whip out my taekwondo moves on her  (I mean him or her) and get arrested and go back to Korea as soon as my family pays bail. Or something like that.

So there is this thing called ROKetship (see what he did there? with the ROK- republic of Korea, get it? get it? anyway you can find it and like it on fb here) and this guy Luke Martin makes these comics, ROKetship comics that is, and he is hilarious, I mean the comics are hilarious I don’t actually know him, but I would totally love to meet him.  He has a lot of material to work with because the comics are basically about my life here in Korea (and what is NOT weird about my life here in Korea?), and by my life I mean all of the foreigners in general who live in Korea.

I am bringing this up because I am about to post the comic that goes with what just happened to me today. I have already posted one of Luke Martin’s ROKetship comics in a previous post called I get upset when I have to hold my trash and walk fifty blocks (because I do, I really do). Moving on. Here is the comic.

I have now fallen in love with ROKetship comics to the point where anytime anything is semi-related to what I am saying you will read it through comic as well, so thank you Luke Martin. Now if I could just get him to write one about spit on the street, can’t believe that hasn’t been done yet…

I am going to go wash my face now.


4 thoughts on ““Service-eeee!”

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  2. Whoa. I don’t usually get pitched in the comments on my blogs- just spammed in my inbox.

    Totally unrelated to your post- are you a music superstar? I can’t get enough of your profile photo.

    • I KNOW RIGHT? this pitch sounds exciting too, can’t wait to see how it pans out. As for the profile photo, VERY MISLEADING. I am in a friends apartment here in Seoul and he sings and such, we had a photo shoot with his microphone, only I cant keep a straight face ever and just kept laughing. I wish I could sing. I wish.

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