Goodbye Grace

Today is the beginning. The start of saying goodbye to friends who are finished with Korea. This is what happens when you travel and live abroad though, you meet amazing people and then you say goodbye to said amazing people. I wish it got easier. My friend Grace (we met at EPIK/SMOE orientation last August) is flying back to the USA today after cutting her contract a couple months short because she got accepted into MED SCHOOL.  woot, woot. Go Grace, so proud!

Grace and I on our last trip together, "white water" rafting.

And to all of you who are leaving me in the month of August, one last plea, DON’T GO. I will buy you all a new animal onesie if you stay. I know you are tempted.

Today also marks the first day of the last week of school. I am desk warming (no classes) all week, which means I will be annoying everyone with my constant e-mails and blog posts (or watching Korean dramas) as well as getting ready for my new classroom at Asia Pacific International School.  t-minus 22 days until my new job!


One thought on “Goodbye Grace

  1. ah mah gaddddddddd i can’t believe you are moving so far away from meeeeeeee 😦 😦 you were so closeeee and i STILL didn’t get to see you have as much as i would have liked to (mostly my fault) but we will play play play and when you move we will still play play play! glad i get to be in seoul with you for another year though! love you rooms!

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