the slide, it tempted me.

The list of things I wanted to accomplish during my week of desk warming:

-complete one full push up

-work on my memoir

-write a few farewell letters

-read “The First Days of School” by Harry and Rosemary Wong

-write a mass e-mail home as well as catch up on e-mailing friends

-save someone’s life

-get all my English summer camp activities together

It is now Friday morning and this is what I have accomplished:

Karate Kid, Enchanted, Eclipse, Kung Fu Panda (excellent, really excellent), and the ninth season of Smallville (love me some superman). Really? A whole week of sitting at my desk and nothing to show for it? I remember in college when I would procrastinate so badly I found myself at work in the Writing Center (receptionist/consultant/the grunt girl who did everything no one else would do) realizing at 9 a.m. that I had a paper due at 11 a.m. whipped out the paper by 10:48 and ran across campus to class. I totally got an A on that paper too, what can I say? I work well under pressure.

This week I forgot my lunch at home (a lovely salad sitting on my ‘kitchen’ counter) and actually got the okay to leave the school during lunchtime and go buy something to eat (I have forgotten my lunch before and given no such special treatment, normally I have to get permission on paper from three different people to leave). It was amazing and I was so happy that when I passed a playground on my way to Paris Baguette I saw this really high slide and just had to try it out. The last time I slid down a slide… wow, it has been years. The slide wasn’t that great actually, looked much higher from the ground than it was. I realized afterwards that I probably looked like some weirdo foreigner by myself sliding down slides (which is exactly true) and saw moms lead their little kids away from the sandbox, but  I didn’t care. I was FREE.

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This ROKetship comic is exactly how I felt this week when I started running in the mornings wearing my t-shirt and shorts and passing by everyone else in their full body suits… haha, for those of you who know me and just choked on your laughter/spit/water/orange juice/ whatever it is you are drinking or eating right now at the thought of me running… I know, I know. It sounds crazy. The thing is I am starting to eat salad and run because I want to be able to spar in taekwondo, and I want to fight people who are shorter than me so I can have an advantage since I haven’t been sparring very long… and in order to fight shorter people you need to go down in your weight class, and in order to go down in weight class you need to not weigh as much as you do. As in, as much as I do. So… I am running? Oh, life. You are so funny.


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