my life is a mess, my life was a mess, my life IS a mess.

No worries friends… I am sorting this out. It will be alright in the end. Before I get to the “alright in the end” part though, let me just say that it has been one heck of a stressful week. Wednesday, late afternoon, I received and email from the lady, let’s call her J, at my new job in charge of getting my visa and paperwork sorted out so that I can work for said new job. The email was to inform me that immigration had just informed her of the paperwork I needed by that Friday in order to apply for a change of visa (I am going from an e-2 visa to and e-7 visa, I have no idea what those letters or numbers mean, but I know e-7 is better and cooler because it means you work at an international school) and that I had to apply for this change of visa (do we caps that like Visa, or VISA? whatevs I am sticking with visa if that is alright with you) before I started my new job on August 1st, hence needing to get it in by Friday so J could apply for my visa by Monday, etc…

I thought waking up on Thursday morning with a horribly rash on the back of my neck was bad (I think its from too strong of fabric softener, but I have no idea). HA, nothing compared to the back and forth emotions of thinking I might get my visa revoked and then sent home and have no job and live on my parents couch (when I called my parents to explain the situation my mom’s response was “you mean like for good?” and my dad’s response was, “are they really that on the ball over there? I am sure there are a lot of people here who don’t get sent home for months and months after their visas expire.” THANKS GUYS) and wondering how I would pay off my loans and MOST IMPORTANTLY how I would get all of the great things I have bought in Korea back to the States with so little prep time.

The principal of my current school even called the people who actually hired and pay me (S.M.O.E, aka ‘the devil’) to ask them to give me this one little piece of paper that I needed to change from an e-2 to and e-7 so that I wouldn’t get my visa revoked and then kicked out of Korea. S.M.O.E. refused, they have these regulations you see, no exceptions. Which is fine (and by fine I mean not fine at all due to MY circumstances, I wasn’t doing anything horrible…like cutting out of my contract midway through because I found a better job… besides I am saving S.M.O.E. A TON OF MONEY by not getting my last paycheck, severance, or flight home) I was ending my contracting early… though I would miss only one week of summer camp and then desk warm, watching movies and chewing my finger nails until my contract ended August 24th. THE POINT IS, all I needed was a release letter from S.M.O.E. and they wouldn’t give it to me, even though I am the best darndest English teacher this side of Seoul has ever seen (whose name is Melody and teaches at Youngwon Elementary). The worst is that my school was completely fine with me leaving early and taking this other job. Rules are rules though. GAAAAAAH.

So what is next for this cool cat? Well, I am resigning from S.M.O.E. and getting my visa revoked. Then I am flying to Japan and coming back to South Korea on a tourist visa, THEN my new school is applying for a E-7 visa, THEN once I get my number for that visa I have to FLY BACK to Japan to actually get it (the visa). I wonder if I should be putting this on the internet? Meh, it’s all technical stuff. My new job is being awesome about it though and as my boss said “that is the price we pay for good teachers… and now I expect you to give 200% on the job.”

YES SIR, 200 % it is!

I leave for Japan this coming Tuesday, July 27th, which means I am now leaving on bad terms with my school because I was supposed to teach the English camp until next Friday, July 30th. Perfect. I hate it when people don’t like me. I bought all of my summer school students big candy bars to make myself feel better. It didn’t work.


10 thoughts on “my life is a mess, my life was a mess, my life IS a mess.

  1. Melody Joy Welton you are an awesome, fantastic, stick to your word, loving, joyful, fun to be with person who would only disappoint someone if she abosolutly had NO OTHER CHOICE. Boo on the old school who couldn’t be graceous in letting you move on and YEAH!!!! for Melody for knowing what is best for her and doing whatever it takes to get it done!!! love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you…did you get that? Love you Melody, Mama K

  2. I’ve come up with a list of pro’s in your current situation

    1. You get more stamps on your passport.
    2. Your week of desk warming and this crazy, stressful week cancel each other right?
    3. Frequent flier miles (This may not apply to you)
    4. Your new boss and school really love you.
    5. You get to add another country to your list of countries you’ve been to.
    6. All this craziness is going to cause the time to fly by thus you will be starting your new job in no time.
    7. You work well under pressure.
    8. Mom and Dad have all confidence in you.
    9. You can get a Japanese souvenir to add to your collection
    10. It’s during situations like this that the unexpected happen. So be prepared…You may meet your future husband, perhaps on one of your four flights to and from Japan. Or you may run into a long, lost friend. Or maybe you’ll meet someone and instantly strike this great connection with them. You’ll chat, exchange information, keep in touch, become pen pals, and 50 years from now be reunited again, where you’ll reminisce about the first time you met. Then again, you could also meet your future husband. Be Prepared…

    I love you, and I wish I could see your face.

  3. Hi! I’ve read about this happening to other people so at least know that you are not the only one going through this/has went through this. And you know what? It all worked out for them in the end! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am so excited to do the same thing next year and judging from all the stalking I’ve done of you on facebook…you seem like you would be an awesome person to actually know in person, and I hope you can give me some tips and such when I am actually over there!

    So don’t worry, you’ll make it through and this next job sounds worth it!!!

    • WE ABSOLUTELY can be friends Holly, ANY friend of my sister is a friend of mine (well, not any, but you seem cool too) so let me know when you are here. I love being helpful!

  4. Melody I DO read these things now… I love you… and I wish I was there to cuddle, relapse you of your coke addiction, and eat chicken fried rice while shopping for new clothes… i am gonna need fashion tips from you… how did this all happen?

    • Haha! Thanks for reading friend, I will repay you with fashion advice and if this whole mess didn’t cause me to turn back to coca cola I am confident that you can’t break me either! … well maybe…

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