the best Zoo is a Safari

I am in Japan.

I sent home a mass e-mail to the fam and friends on day one  in Osaka (probably my favorite word to say, ever) and I knew I shouldn’t send another one because well, my e-mails are not short… and that made me sad because I always have so much to say (what? shocking.) and THEN I remembered this awesome thing: MY BLOG!

For those of you who don’t read spitonthestreet regularly, first of all: shame on you and secondly: I am in Japan because Korea SUCKS or mainly the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education SUCKS and I had to leave the country because my visa was revoked. Which kind of makes me sound really cool and all bad-like, which is not the case. Meh, think what you will.

This has been my first ever solo trip, as in I haven’t seen a single person I know the entire time of travel. I have been excited to take a trip like this for a long time, but I don’t know why since I am such a people person and I haven’t had a single conversation aloud since Tuesday morning. I might just start talking aloud to myself to make sure my voice still works (okay I know it does since I have had to ask people to take pictures of me), and I think my thoughts are getting bored of me. 

Besides the fact that Japan is ridiculously expensive (especially compared to Korea) I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this Asian country. I did so much site-seeing yesterday that my feet were black from all the dirt I collected while commuting from one tourist spot to the other. I feel as if I have seen Osaka in its entirety, though I know I actually haven’t (I tend to exaggerate, did you know?). Because I saw so many things yesterday I wasn’t one bit put off when I woke up today to a torrential downpour (that means it was raining, I like to use big words sometimes). I decided to head to the Zoo anyway like I had planned and I was happy for the weather because it helped express the mood I was in after seeing so many poor animals caged up. I am not a big fan of zoos (is that the proper plural? oooooh well) AT ALL. I don’t know why I went, maybe because the idea always sounds much more fun than the reality. It has been especially hard visiting zoos since I lived in Africa and saw so many of those animals in their natural environment. I know some zoos are helpful and treat animals well and rescue them and have good living areas, but MOST zoos arent and it makes me sad. I wish that children could all go on a safari to learn about these amazing beasts instead of walking around a dirty caged up pen and looking through glass at some of the saddest creatures on the planet.

I think I was a fan of zoos at one point. I have this vivid memory of going to the Binder Park Zoo with my younger sister, Amber, once when I was little. We went with a church friend and he was so afraid of losing us he brought along those kid leashes, you know the kids with a strap around their middle and a leash coming out of the back? Well, ours weren’t as sophisticated as that, they were strapped to our wrists with velcro and they itched.

This kid’s leash is so much cooler than mine was.

After I visited the zoo and I was feeling pretty depressed I did the only natural thing a woman who has been living in Korea for the past year would do: SHOPPING. It lifted my spirits immensely, though it is very hard to bargain shop in this country. Let’s briefly talk about the shoes though, THEY FIT ME. In Korea, the smallest size shoes for adult women is 225, in Japan that size is labeled as LL, meaning double LARGE, or EXTRA LARGE, I don’t really know… now I know officialy that my shoe size is 222. I may have skipped a meal today to buy an exta pair of shoes. 


3 thoughts on “the best Zoo is a Safari

  1. “I know some zoos are helpful and treat animals well and rescue them and have good living areas, but MOST zoos arent and it makes me sad.” I’m sorry, but you are wrong. MOST zoos really are vital in preserving endangered animals. Most zoos — at least in the USA — are truly great places for animals to live in, as they are well fed, cared for, protected, and loved by dedicated keepers.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos

    • I am so glad to hear this Allen, every Zoo I have been to (USA and other countries) seem dirty and sad and the animals look defeated. BUT I shouldn’t generalize as there are MANY, MANY Zoos in the world. Thanks for the comment.

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