ear to ear

That is how hard I am grinning right now. This smile has NOT left my face since yesterday around 3:30 p.m. Every stressful phone call, paperwork gathering, conversation with a non-English speaker, emotional feeling of realizing you may not have a job, every single trial and tribulation I endured over the past couple of weeks (yes I said trial and tribulation, I am trying to sound cool and biblical) disappeared, evaporated, went into non-existence and was completely forgotten when I stepped foot into my new apartment.

If you asked me last August how much joy a bathtub could bring me I probably would have answered “meh, I take baths occasionally so not that much.” If you would have asked me how much joy my living room brought me, my kitchen table, my OVEN, I would have responded with the same mediocre, “I take them for granted because I never knew what it was like living in an apartment where your living room is your bedroom and your kitchen and your toilet is also your shower.”

I am in heaven and I would bring you all here with me if I could. There will be dinner parties for those in Korea to show off my wonderful kitchen and full size gas range and my excellent home-made pizza cooking skills (possibly the only thing I know how to bake). That is, if my new awesome roommate approves. Which I think she will. She is old enough to be my mother (which she laughed at, I already called her mom) as she has two sons who are 22 and 24, and she was the one who mentioned herself as my mom when I said “oh, haha… I am 25.” She is absolutely lovely and I have a feeling we are going to get along great.

But enough about that, let’s look at pictures of my new CRIB!!!!

BATHTUB!!!!!!!!!! and what? its separate from the toilet, and the sink? WAAAAA!!!

why yes, that is an oven. why yes, that is counter space, why yes... A KITCHEN.

matching furniture? never thought I would see the day. didn't even have this back home.

you mean I dont have to dry my laundry in my living room/kitchen/bedroom anymore? DYING OF JOY.

well I obviously NEEDED a spare bedroom and ironing room... obviously.

a view from the living room into the kitchen. STILL SO HAPPY.

how many suitcases can one bedroom hold?

another pic of my bedroom slightly unpacked. i have a DESK.

the girls are beaming because I had literally starved them up until this point, WHAT TROOPERS. thanks for helping me move babes!!!

And there you have it folks. These next two years are going to be so much more enjoyable because I now know what it is like to live without things that I once again have. That being said, I know I did not have it rough WHATSOEVER, but I appreciate God blessing me with this amazing new home all the same. Hallelujah.


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