Plan B

For those of you who are wondering why I titled this post “the morning after pill” I can completely understand your logical thinking… or for those who are wondering where my post about “Plan A” is, I also see where you are going with that.

But no, ‘Plan B’, happens to be the name of my favorite restaurant in Seoul. No, it is not Korean food. WHAT? My favorite restaurant in Korea is not Korean? the INJUSTICE. Whatever, I can’t eat spicy food. I am over it. Anyway, back to Plan B. It is an Italian restaurant that I discovered with a group of friends in my old after school program. I then introduced this restaurant to the Seoul Family and everyone fell immediately in love. The owner is this young hip guy named Hong Won. And the Chef, “Bobby” speaks excellent English and always joins our table for a glass of wine after changing out of his white when his shift for the night is over. You can bring your own wine and they love us so much they never charge us for a corking fee. You would probably be charged though, unless you mentioned that you are friends with “Melody”, yes they all know my name there.

Also, there was an incredibly handsome waiter (very young, but age is just a number) who worked there and recently went off to the army. I was very sad.

the outside of the restaurant, the owner is at the door to greet us.

Bobby outside, grilling up a feast for us on the patio.

Needless to say for anyone living in Seoul (or even Korea, make a trip into Seoul!) I highly recommend this adorable Italian hot spot. It is conveniently close to Sangsu Station (line 6). Go out exit one, make a hairpin turn to the right and you will find Plan B (excited that you didn’t go with your first choice for dinner) happily waiting for you just around the corner on your left.


One thought on “Plan B

  1. i’ve seen this place and wondered what it was about, being called plan b and and all… lets go next time and catch up thereeeeeeee so i can give you my presentttttt!!

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