11:39 p.m.

That is what time I got off the subway this evening, 11:39 p.m. and I walk out of exit 3 to see a family: father, mother, daughter, brother (they stop at 2 regardless, mom and dad you are considered very patriotic for having nine, I had no idea what that meant until about a week ago, another story for another time), eating ramen noodles on the sidewalk. Literally all four…in a line… chopsticks in hand… and buckets of ramen purchased at the convenience store located directly behind them. Little children, put down your chopsticks and go to bed.

Rewind to the beginning of the weekend. Farewell Animal Onesie Party for a one Mr. Dinosaur Eric Choi and a one Ms. Giraffe Melissa John at the restaurant mentioned in the post before this one. Yes, more than twenty full grown adults dressing (and acting) like animals graced an elegant Italian restaurant for a delicious dinner.

We proceeded to a park, which took us to a dance party in a bar, which took us to another dance party in a different bar, (people taking pictures of us and asking “why the animal suits?” the whole time), which took us to eating kebabs to get out of the rain (thank goodness our onesies have hoods), which took us to a FAILED attempt at noraebanging. The room was VIP, their was an animal limit, it was just silly. I did sing two and a half songs before we got kicked out and therefore, (I am not speaking the word aloud Kathleen so it is okay) I was happy.

I woke up at two p.m. Saturday and felt like whole morning was gone because A) well, it was and B) I don’t really have a B, I just like lists….  Text from Tami to get my butt to Itaewon and there I went, I then ended up at a superhero going away party (themed parties are totally cool) only none of us were dressed as superheroes and we left our animal costumes (I could have been SuperCow?) at home. I left for home by nine p.m. Saturday evening to have a productive Sunday morning preparing for my new classroom, and it felt good.

I had to say goodbye to EJ this afternoon (now it is Sunday) in English Cell because she is getting married (on September 11, think about that one) and once you get hitched you get kicked out of the 2 p.m. service at my church, who knew? I didn’t, if I get married during the next two years I am totally breaking that rule, because I am not going to the stuffy older married peoples service in the morning, which is where the people who get kicked out of the awesome young, Jesus-likes-it-when-we-sing-fast-worship-songs-too, service go. ANIYO.

This evening, after the cook and waitress of the restaurant we ate at “chased” (we were sitting on steps right outside) us down to give us back the 6,000 (about $5.14) won that we accidentally over-payed (did I mentioned I left my cell phone on the subway and got it back within 24 hours because that is just how Koreans roll, they give things BACK! It is a novelty) … anyway after that happened Eric showed the Seoul Family this amazing video he made of our last year together and there is a scene of me showing off my one truly amazing talent, putting my entire fist in my mouth, perfect. WHY? WHY? WHY?

My dear friend Melissa leaves tomorrow evening to head back to Toronto and study Law. I will miss her terribly, after a quick goodbye hug I had to jump on the subway (as the doors were about to close, and I didn’t want to be that one awkward person who gets stuck halfway and then has to get the attention of the driver to get the doors to open because that actually does happen!) and wave mournfully through the window while her mother pretended to chase after the subway. I love MJ’s mom. Can’t wait to visit Toronto.

Goodbyes suck.


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