a new beginning in an old place

I now hold in my hand the bright minds of twelve adorable children. It’s a ridiculously large responsibility. One that scares me to think about, but one I know I am completely capable of handling.

Three days of school completed. I feel like I am finally home. I find myself realizing more and more that a teachers job really is never done. I could stay at school for 24 hours every day and still find something I need to do, I look at the clock and see that 6:30 p.m. has come and gone and I don’t care. I feel comfortable in my room. I feel satisfied when I leave, while at the same time I am constantly going over what I still need to get done.

The people who work at my new job are kind, helpful, and have already  built a good community that I find myself wanting to jump right into. Figuring out how I am going to balance work life/social life/church life/ friends I already have in Korea from last year life/activities life… should be interesting. I am taking a break from taekwondo and I haven’t seen little Han Wool in weeks (today! I will see him today!), but as soon as I get in the swing of things I hope it all just falls into place.

And because everyone loves a big ego booster, I shall now include excerpts from the letters I had my students write to me as their homework after the first day of school:

“Dear Ms. Welton, I am very happy to have a great teacher like you.”

“let’s have a bright and perfect class ok.”

“Please teach me well for the school. You will be a great teacher because I all ways meet good teachers.”

“I wished to go to your class.” (This one confused me since I am new, but I will take it! We just won’t tell Ms. Lee -the other second grader teacher-)

“I am glad to meet you in second grade.”

“I am happy you are teaching us.”

My students, working diligently AND quietly near the end of their first day of school. What? Where am I??? This is amazing!

THESE KIDS. Love them too much already. The worst part of being a teacher is saying goodbye at the end of the year, EVERY year. Luckily it is only the beginning ^^


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