café comeon

I have never noticed the plus in the name until just now... hmmmm

This is the entrance to the best sandwich place I have been to so far in Seoul. The best not because it has thick meat slices and awesome slabs of cheese, no no no. The best because it is a two-minute walk from my morning church (yes, I happen to have an afternoon church as well), I eat lunch every Sunday with wonderful company here, and the sandwiches are toasted. At least the one I get, which is delicious, really (even without slick slices of cheese). Koreans are in tune as well as pretty far advanced in a lot of things (t.v. on your cell phone? that is soooo five years ago), but for some reason they just haven’t jumped on the sandwich bandwagon… they love rice too much or something. It is hard to find a lot of decent sandwich making places in this city, but let me tell you, café Comeon is good. Not only do they offer a nice variety of food besides sandwiches, if you order a sandwich set you also get any drink you want on the menu (and they make some delicious fruit smoothies with real fruit)and it only cost… get this… 5,000 won*. That is less than 5 USD. It is amazing. SO CHEAP. SO GOOD. *The price may go up to a whopping 6,000 won if you order your sandwich with Hommel bread or a bagel.

And as I was writing this blog post and doing a bit of research (mostly for the benefit of this website that asked me to send them my blog posts- yeah I am pretty cool, no big deal) I discovered from my good friend Jennifer that café Comeon is ACTUALLY A  CHAIN. WHAT? This was very exciting news for me as I moved farther away from the heart of Seoul that I would have cared to venture too (but the benefits far outweigh the not-benefits…?… anyway, so I can’t complain) and I found one of the restaurants is decently close to me ^^ (that is how they show a smiley face in Korea, did you know?).

For those who live near Sinsa Station on line 3, that is the location of the restaurant I visit every Sunday. Walk out of exit 8 and make the first left, then the first right, then the first left again (not confusing at all). Walk down that road for approximately five minutes (I don’t do measurements) and you will see café Comeon in all its glory on your right. If you hit a road with no where to go but left or right you obviously missed it.

the inside is cute and comfortable, I love the red... and the tree.

my meal, the picture gives off a yellow glow, but I promise the sandwich is not yellow and IS so so so good!


2 thoughts on “café comeon

    • the names they come up with for restaurants in Korea, I never would be able to explain it to you. remember the name of my favorite italian restaurant here? who knows what goes on inside the namers head.

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