one of my most treasured memories from my childhood is when I made the weekly trip to the public library with my family (home schooled, what can I say?). I absolutely love telling people that when I was little I would get grounded from reading. not the t.v. or nintendo (that gray box back in the day? yeah, people actually played games with those. my brother seth and I went halfsies and bought one- it was a total of $49, outrageous) or the computer (back then it was only to play games though, insanity to think how far technology has come in such a short time) or playing outside (though I did that a lot, let children RUN). nope. when I got in trouble I wasn’t allowed to read. and it was torture. PURE TORTURE. I loved going to the library and checking out the highest amount of books allowed; usually after these trips my family wouldn’t see me for three days.

as I grew up (okay, that still remains in question, hush hush) my obsession only got worse, I would get so caught up in a book (harry potter anyone?) I would read straight through the night and head off to high school or a college class with an hour or two of sleep under my belt. because I was up late reading. my love of words and how they can form such brilliant stories came second to something silly like sleeping. (okay that is a lie, sleeping is NOT silly and I actually really enjoy it.)

this little visit down memory lane is because today was the first day I brought my students to the library. as we (quietly; such a good class) walked in and started browsing the books my heart started to accelerate and I had to remind myself to help my students pick out books for them and not get lost amongst the shelves myself. books. they are so beautiful.

one of the small drawbacks of living in a foreign country such as korea… well they don’t have barnes n nobles. or borders. or whatever major bookstore is in your area. I was the person you see sitting in the big overstuffed chair, drinking a strawberry frap from starbucks, while reading a book off the shelf  and not buying it; I was the one who gave the bookstore its great ambiance.

so now, I would just like to take a moment to thank God for giving us words to write down and imaginations that have the ability to take someone (me!) into a different world. thank you God for giving people the ability to share their own stories, and other persons, in ways that are powerful and touching and thought-provoking. and thank you God for giving people the gift of storytelling. it is a great, great gift.

I wanted to include a picture of me reading, you know, to go with the post. This is the closest I found on short notice… this is where reading can get you someday?


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