my brain

Who should I pair up for partner reading? Should I spend two days on this math lesson? Does this seating arrangement work? Who needs to sit close to the board? Who can’t sit by each other? What title should I give this bulletin board? What should I put on this bulletin board? Will they ever fix my computer? patience, patience, patience. Who didn’t turn in their homework? Did I put deodorant on today? Do I have an updated class sheet? Did I remember to send attendance in this morning? Will it rain, please don’t rain, outdoor recess? Indoor recess? Is this the best time for literacy centers? Should I take grammar out of centers and put something else in its place? I need to get tape recorder/ cd player, does any other teacher have an extra one? How many copies of this do I need? What do I need to make copies of? What is next in math? What are the differences between US government and Korean government? When will I get my supplies? patience, patience, patience. Who has after school programs today? Which students are taking the bus? Is 2A doing this in language arts? How can I best describe this personal narrative assignment? How can I transition from personal narratives to picking out a small moment from their story and expanding on it? Do they understand place value? What do I need to laminate? What specials do we have today? I am hungry, when is lunch? What days do I have lunch duty again? What field trips did the second grade go on last year? Where is my pen? Where is my head?  Whose backpack is this on the floor? Who left their violin case? What do I need to get done during my prep time? Do I have a bible verse printed out? What songs do we sing during chapel? What problems should I put on the board for morning work? Who is going to be our class representative? When should I give them their Time for Kids magazine? How can I incorporate technology into the classroom? Can I create a class blog? Did I remind the students that we have library time tomorrow? Who didn’t get their plan book signed?! patience, patience, patience. Can I fit this in before recess? Should I change the class jobs? Who would be a good line leader? How long should I keep that on the board? When can I read this Lucy Calkins book? Should I go to this workshop? Am I teaching this the best way I know how? What time should I get to school tomorrow? What day is it today? How much homework should I give? Did I remember to put the homework on Edline? What are my students Korean names? What do their parents look like? Who hasn’t read to me yet? What color should I paint my nails? When can I paint my nails? patience, patience, patience….

and repeat.


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