the real essential things in life

Throughout college, during my internship, and even while substitute teaching, I never understood how teachers could spend so much of their own money  for things in their classroom and on their students.

Yesterday was payday (yippee) and as I headed off to good ol emart to get the essential things in life (milk, bread, pants) the entire time I kept finding things I wanted to buy for my classroom and not for myself, “If I had this we could do this”, or “this would make reading time so much better”, or “this would make my classroom’s environment more comfortable” were all the phrases that kept echoing in my head.

I am starting to realize that my apartment may be the place I lay my head to sleep, but my classroom is my home,  I mean I do spend the majority of my awake time here. Who needs to eat breakfast when I can buy a bunch of new books for my kiddies to read? Who needs pants without holes when this game would make indoor recess more enjoyable? Okay so technically I would never be allowed to wear pants with holes at school,  but you get my point.

Paying back college loans? Pssshhhh, I will be doing that until I die anyway. Or until I get an awesome book deal for my memoir of my first year in this country known as South Korea. I might need to finish writing it before that happens…


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