getting smacked by branches and other various related events.

I slept through a typhoon last night.

I woke up to rain splattering my window thinking it was just another Thursday during monsoon season. I stepped outside with my umbrella and was almost knocked over by the wind. My umbrella didn’t stand a chance.

At 6:44 a.m. I got on the bus, it was crowded with high school students going to the school down the hill from mine. The bus driver proceeds to yell at his passengers (me…us) for the next two stops. I didn’t really notice the yelling to be honest, that is how a lot of Koreans communicate with each other. At first I thought everyone was just really mad, the people working in restaurants, at stores, bus drivers talking to each other during their breaks… then I had friends start translating for me and the conversations they are screaming at each other are actually about normal, every day life stuff. “I WENT TO THE STORE YESTERDAY AND GOT A REALLY GOOD DEAL ON BULGOGI!!!” reply:” REALLY? WHERE? DID YOU GO TO EMART? I LOVE BULGOGI!!!” reply: “NO I WENT TO HOMEPLUS AND I ALSO BOUGHT A DOG, IT IS SO CUTE.”

I am pretty sure I made that specific conversation up, but you get the picture. Back to the bus driver on the way to school, after he finished yelling he pulled over and I realized that everyone was getting off the bus. Correction, he was KICKING everyone off the bus. But, he only went two stops! I stand up to leave and say out loud, “well, that is just great, I have no idea what is going on because I don’t understand Korean…” and in my head I am wondering if I should wait for another bus. I decided to walk, I step off the bus and get whacked in the face by a flying branch. That decision might have been a bad idea.

As I reach my school (around 7:05ish) I see an entire section of road blocked off, well actually I can’t even see the road because it was covered with fallen trees. I wish I had pictures to show, but silly me forgot to take any, I was more concerned with getting inside a safe building and not getting nailed by anymore branches.

I walk into school and the power is out. But is school canceled? haha, NO, this is Korea people. By 9:30 a.m. (school starts at 8:10) I had 3/4 of my class and the rest stayed home, who stays home during a typhoon? Oh, and the power was back on at that point, no worries.


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