change your heart

Be happy with who you are?


7 thoughts on “change your heart

  1. i’ve seen these ads before..and it makes me sad!! i don’t think plastic surgery is cute, and i wish the girls in korea would not feed into this idea that they need to change what God has given them!

    • that is the problem in young! they are creative and cute, and people think plastic surgery in korea is no big deal… it isn’t all cutesy and as easy as a mouse click, it is painful and psychological and emotional… when girls focus on making the outside perfect they should really be focused on being happy with themselves on the inside.

  2. I hear that Korean girls see plastic surgery as being on a par with getting your hair cut. Is this true? Lots of Japanese girls are going in to get their eyes done, but it’s not advertised like this at all! In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re trying to pass it off as natural!

    Oh, and hello from a fellow expat blogger (^-^)/

    • Yeppers, totally true, they think absolutely nothing of it… there are some really really gruesome advertisements that really throw me off guard all over the subway. hello fellow expat blogger!!! ^^

  3. melody–i always see these ads in the subway and they never fail to make me angry or sad. let’s you and i A. paint over these ads B. marker over them C. tape leaflets with lovely quotes over them D. all the above.
    for. real.
    i love your blog! found it through audrey’s blog.
    see you sunday 🙂

    • thank you so much for reading my blog jamie. i swear audrey is one of my biggest fans, and i love it! hehe. but really these signs HAVE GOT TO GO, I agree with D. my final answer is D.

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