“but momma said I need a passport :(“

The joy of this day has wiped the slate clean from the stress of the two before it. Not only am I officially an alien of Korea again (visitor no more, totally legal, should I be posting that on the internet…?), I also got a package from home. The greatest thing about living abroad are packages from home. Thank you big sister Amie.

One of my co-workers (and good friend) stopped by my classroom to see how I was doing (did I mention I had been having a tough week?) and told me she saw a package for me in the office. She said she thought “Good, Melody needs a good day.” She happened to stop by as my students were coming back from specials and about to have their afternoon snack time. So I abandoned them (okay my co-worker stayed to baby-sit) and headed to the office to get my box of love. Two now dull scissors and ten minutes later (did you use four rolls of packing tape Amie???) I finally got the box open. During this time I had informed my students that there were books inside for them. They were crowded around me, pumping their fists in the air chanting “books, books, books!” these kids seriously love to read.

Of course my sister packed a little something extra for me in the form of little boxes of different types of cereal (the one thing I probably miss the most as far as western food, the cereal selection here is either corn flakes or cheerios, and I am only exaggerating a little) and they happened to be on top of the books (smart packing). As soon as the lid was off twelve pairs of greedy hands went for the cereal, I literally almost had a heart attack as I calmly informed them (maybe bearing my teeth a little) that the cereal was MS. WELTONS and MS. WELTONS alone. They must have seen the animal look in my eyes, they only protested a little and then got excited once more when the books came out.

Then I discovered the cards. As I opened up the first one the writing on the envelope informed me that it was imperative I look at the pictures in order. This is what I, along with my students (all twelve crowded around my desk ooing, aahing, and going into hysterics when they saw my little nephew Noah in a pink pull up diaper) saw:

Literally could have died of joy right then and there. I carried the card containing the pictures around with me the rest of the day to show whoever would stop and look.


3 thoughts on ““but momma said I need a passport :(“

  1. That was soo cute. Hahaha! How nice of the children to attempt to take the loads of cereal off your hands, Lol. Yeah. Definitely “All mine”. I can feel that. And what a cute niece! Awww….yay for happy days! Yay I say!


  2. That is seriously the cutest thing I’ve seen a while. And definitely a necessary pick me up! I’m sorry to hear that you were having a tough week, but I’m glad that it improved. What’s your fave type of cerael??

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