“I have never seen her in the kitchen before.”

I come from a big family (you may hear me mention it a time or two) and there came a time when my mother got tired of cooking up a feast for her small army and called upon the children to help her out. One divine evening in my early teens I was chosen as my mother’s pupil in the art of making homemade pizza. The first time I made it the success was great and the praise from my family was limitless. They begged for more, I humbly obliged. Over a decade later I am still trying to improve my pizza making skills.

Then, a sad time struck when I moved into my apartment in Seoul in August 2009. I had no oven. I didn’t even have a counter really. I wasn’t able to cook a homemade pizza for over a year.

God is a gracious loving Father though and granted me an oven in my new apartment as I started my second year living in Seoul. Last Saturday I had a group of fine ladies from my Korean church over for a sleepover (yes you can have those at any age) and I decided it was time to re-awaken my one domestic ability. We headed over to the local E-mart and found the closest ingredients possible to recreate Melody’s Famous Homemade Pizza. The flour in Korea is slightly different, the sauce was a little off, and my oven isn’t able to distinguishes how hot it should get (in other words, it gets as hot as it wants because it’s broken)…. but despite all of these variables working against me the pizza didn’t come out half bad.

me, using the kitchen for the first time, and apparently really excited about it.

My lovely roommate came out from her room at one point and looked at me working in the kitchen with a face of extreme surprise, “I have never seen her in the kitchen before.” She explained to the other girls. Great, thanks for blowing my cover… so I can only cook one dish. I tried my hand at making chocolate chip cookies too, but those were a complete failure due to a)korea’s funky flour and b) my silly oven’s heat problem… they cooked fast on the bottom and stayed doughy on the top. Oh, well… at least I tried. I really wanted a fresh-out-of-the-oven-warm-chocolate-melting-in-your-mouth homemade cookie though…

I let them choose their toppings and had to hold them back in the end, we wanted it to actually cook!

and cook it did! soooooo yummy^^

All the girls ended up borrowing clothes for pj's, love those shorts on Mi Jung, and she is really enjoying the pizza!

What can I say? I am a simple girl and love my cheese only pizzas!

even better than it looks

literally less than a minute after they were given their food I went to take a picture and their plates were almost wiped clean.

my sad attempt at chocolate cookies

Anyone in Seoul want to make me some cookies that taste like home? I am really craving some now.


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