I am very sad right now. I am trying to let it roll off my back and not let it affect me. But it has. First year teachers will always have situations that arise and realize later that they should have handled things differently. Throw in a different culture and it intensifies. I have been attacked personally and told that I don’t deserve my teaching credential. I should be enjoying my holiday. I am so sad. My head hurts. I wish I was worshipping with my home church in Michigan tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I am the absolute happiest when I am worshipping.


4 thoughts on “:(

  1. oh honey, *hug*, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and look forward and not back. If you hurt or offended someone ask for forgivness. Then forgive yourself. EVERYONE makes mistakes, it’s what we do afterwards that sets us apart from the world. God remind her of your grace and give her peace in this situation. AMEN!! Love you muches:)
    Mama K

  2. Girl, this happens so often. It hurts, and smarts, but you will get through it. Eventually you will get this tough skin and times like this won’t bother you. Or at least I am told. I have not gotten that skin yet either.

    Take some time for yourself and be able to move on and get back into the classroom to do the best for your babies!

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