K-POP! take 2

technically i have already done a nice long post on my love and passion for k-pop. and honestly this next post should be about how fantastic my chuseok (korean thanksgiving) vacation is going (i have mostly been able to forget about school and unhappy parents, okay- one unhappy parent, and really enjoy my time off) but i am so ridiculously happy at the moment because someone has finally showed me how to get k-pop on my ipod, i just need to talk about it. see i can’t just buy the songs on itunes (so silly), therefore when i need my k-pop fix i either wander around myeong-dong listening to the music blaring from the storefronts or click on youtube and hit repeat over and over again.


a friend showed me this website that let’s you put the audio from youtube videos into your music library on your computer. and since k-pop groups always put their music on youtube i am not stealing it. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY.

i now have my very own k-pop playlist featuring many of my favorite groups: bigbang, 2ne1, SHINEE, 2PM, Super Junior…

so when you see that random brunette bopping around seoul singing out “sorry sorry” at the top of her lungs that is MOST DEFINITELY me.


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