DeokJeok Island

Try saying that ten time fast. Do it. Never gets old.

As Chuseok winds down to its inevitable end I sit here showered and therefore impeccably clean to head off to church (es) on a beautiful Sunday feeling happy and content with my weeklong holiday. From the best Chuseok dinner (courtesy my co-worker and the second best second grade teacher at APIS… okay tied for first ^^) I have ever had, to baking pizza for the neighbors, to finding the perfect church for me, to an island getaway, as well as having brunch, watering my classroom plants (I really would be incredibly embarrassed if they died), learning the ways of photography, shopping, bike riding along the Han River, more shopping, Italian dinner with girlfriends, and cleaning my apartment… I would say this week was a success.

To get away from the hustle and bustle of city life (as they say) on Tuesday morning I met a friend on the platform of line 1 at Wolgye Station (do we all know how I feel about this subway line? dread… I dread line 1, but of course this is besides the point) at 6 a.m. and by noon I was sitting on one of the beaches of DeokJeok Island, I could not believe I was still in Korea. Torrential downpour showed up to the party that evening, but it was nothing a little noraebong couldn’t fix (truth be told I had my first experience taking gravel on the ferry ride over, I was a little seasick, and thinking my body is immune to all drugs the way it is ibuprofen I took two… I felt GREAT, I was just incredibly drowsy and loopy and weak… therefore I took a nap and read an entire book the first day… which to be honest, is my ideal vacation) and noraebong we did…

On Wednesday, though I specifically ordered sunshine, it refused to show. My girlfriends and I made this trip with about 80 other expats from Seoul, and most of them just arrived a few weeks ago- newbies! So really, we didn’t need the sun to make warm friendships-see what I did there?- and throw a frisbee (okay I watched other people throw the frisbee while I made sand castles). That night we bonded even more eating marshmallows roasted over a campfire. Who doesn’t love a good campfire?

Our last day on the island greeted us with endless blue skies, a light breeze, and SUNSHINE. It was incredible. I promise to whoever visits, if it is the summer we will go to this island. I honestly can’t believe I was still in Korea… I mean, Korea is this amazing everywhere….er….

a little wind tousled from the ferry but we are docked, with name tags on (color coordinated, figure it out), good to go!

singing their hearts out, nice pose kathleen

brings me back to middleville

come visit me in koweaaaaa!

heading back to my chicas, i noticed my footprints in the sand... apparently i was the only one on the beach this early

me and my gorgeous bitties



2 thoughts on “DeokJeok Island

  1. so happy you had time to “unwind” from the hetic time you were having:)So excited for your visit in December!!! Love to you:)

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