one step closer

After my short hiatus from taekwondo (due to my transition from teaching in the public schools to teaching at an international school) I was finally able to test for my green belt this week!

Even though this was now my third belt test, I was incredibly nervous this time around. When you test for your belt the most important thing you have to know are your forms. For green belt I had to do form 2 (there are 8, not including the black belt forms that you learn when going from first degree black belt to second degree, etc) and I wasn’t really worried about it. I was biting my nails over all the other stuff. You have to do different kicks and blocks and sometimes even spar (fight) and I was so nervous I was going to blank on what an ax kick was, or what the difference is between a side kick and a round house kick…?

Thankfully I got through it and even impressed myself when I did a jump side kick to break three boards. (I also had to break a board doing a side hand punch that I can’t remember the technical name for…)

So now I have my GREEN BELT! One step closer to that all mighty black belt. Just got to get through purple, blue, brown, and red!

don't be intimidated, 8 year olds can still kick me in the head (he was VERY GOOD at sparring and almost has his black belt okay?).

There you have it. How cool will I be when I have children and they find out their mom has her black belt in taekwondo? These are the dreams I have… haha.


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