i miss football

let me rephrase. I miss AMERICAN football. the confusion you may be experiencing is very logical. in soccer you hit a ball with your foot, almost the entire game, why wouldn’t we call it football? it’s how I grew up people, I can’t change it.

last night I traveled across the city to Seoul World Cup Stadium and had the honor and excitement of watching an international ‘friendly’ match of soccer (futbol, football, etc.) against Korea and Japan. no one scored which was kind of lame, but I got a free scarf and we ALL know how I feel about free things (in college as soon as FREE T-SHIRT was mentioned I would sign up to volunteer the event or conference without even asking what I had to do. my entire wardrobe for my university years: jeans and t-shirt).

World Cup Stadium is intense, I had never been there before. also, BEAST (we ALL know how I feel about K-Pop!) performed before the game. we found our seats in the middle of their last song but I saw them NONETHELESS and almost hyperventilated. The girls going wild and screaming and crying? Okay, so that’s not me (on the outside)…


something you might not see at a stadium in the states...


back to why I miss american football. I have never been the biggest sports fan. okay, I have never been a sports fan at all.  I think watching any type of game on t.v. is boooooring. but if there is one thing I grew up on and therefore spent my whole life becoming attached to, it is high school football (there really wasn’t a whole lot of other things to do in my village -literally the village of middleville, maybe it has grown into a town by now?). I don’t really place high school football in the ‘sports’ category… more like a must-need-fall-activity.

sitting there last night, watching these insanely fit men kick the ball around, I realized I know very, very little about soccer. I wanted to yell and cheer and call out ‘advice’ or encouragement, but my mind could only think of football terms. I don’t know what to say when they are not passing the ball down the field well, or need to have better defense, or should attack the ball more. at one point Korea made some good steals (uh… is that what they are called?) and I almost turned to jee young and said “awesome interception!” wait a minute… that’s not right.

it made me realize how much I miss friday night games, cheering in the stands with the marching band (yep, you read correctly, marching band geek = ME) and yelling things like “that was a face mask grab! face maaaaaask!!!” , “go for a field goal!” ,  “4th down and only 2 yards to go, they can do it!”, “yaaaaaa! sack the quarterback!” ,”HE WAS IN! HE WAS IN!” and obviously, “TOUCHDOWN!” I don’t really remember learning football terminology, it was just always a part of me.

I would almost be willing to go back to my old high school some fall friday in the future to be back in that atmosphere and actually know what is going on in the game/a game. almost.


the ladies are sporting the FREE scarfs we were given before entering the stadium, SWEET. also, a well balanced dinner.



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