my eyeballs won’t cry. CRY. just. CRY. for CRYING out loud!

I am choosing to look at the beginning of this week with new eyes (eyes that I WISH were full of tears right now to get out my frustration/stress/lack of sleep/emotional blablabla, still working on it…).

Not from the eyes of last week that saw a computer screen full of grades that required time-consuming input and were turned in (two days early) on Monday and then told on Friday (FOUR DAYS LATER) that what those eyes saw was all wrong and they needed to be done completely differently.

New eyes, now I know how to use Gradequick fully, entirely, completely. And so does every other elementary teacher who had to change their grades (which was the entire staff minus two people who magically did it “right”… aka it is actually right but every teacher has been doing it a certain way for the past however many years and are just now being told its wrong… I mean… never mind, okay okay, I am done, neeeewwww eeeeyeeessss).

I will decorate my classroom in construction paper hand-cut leaves. It will be magnificent. I will teach my students to the best of my ability. They will be magnificent. I will go back to the bank on Wednesday (because I forgot my passport today and HAVE TO HAVE IT to transfer money home). I will get my purple belt in taekwondo. I will tutor Han Wool and he WILL LEARN ENGLISH. I will conduct professional and efficient parent/teacher conferences. I will listen to the entire collection of podcasts from my church back home (they just started posting them this past May, I just discovered them last week, I already am halfway through the summer…).

I will cry? Please?


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